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EP145/#573  Nomogram prediction model of severe postoperative complications after cytoreductive surgery for advanced ovarian cancer
  1. Gai Jing Cao,
  2. Xingguo Wang,
  3. Zhiyang Xu,
  4. Ziyi Li,
  5. Shujuan Liu and
  6. Yue Fu
  1. Air Force Medical University, Air Force Medical University, XAn, China


Introduction It has been established that age, smoking, duration of operation, hypertension and other medical complications are independent risk factors for postoperative complications.Kumar et al. developed the first histogram prediction model for postoperative complications of ovarian cancer, which incorporated age, BMI, ASA score, preoperative albumin, stage, and surgical complexity to help clinicians and patients make patient-centered decisions about PDS.The purpose of this study was to analyze the influencing factors of postoperative complications, and then construct a nomogram prediction model for Clavien-Dindo grade 3–4 postoperative complications.

Methods 200 patients undergoing cytoreductive surgery from January 2019 to January 2023 were collected.They were divided into SPC group(n=57) and no SPC group(n=143). Univariate analysis and logistic regression analysis were used to analyze the risk factors, and a nomogram model was established to predict the occurrence of SPC in cytoreductive surgery patients.

Results Univariate analysis showed that there were significant differences in age, preoperative CA125,preoperative HE4,preoperative VEGF, preoperative tumor area score, tumor load score, albumin in the two groups(P<0.05). Multivariate logistic regression analysis showed that age(OR=4.82, 95%CI:1.85∼13.62), preoperative tumor area score(OR=6.24,95%CI:1.73∼30.4), tumor load score(OR=6.25,95%CI:2.34∼18.14), albumin(OR=0.19,95%CI:0.07∼0.47) were independent influencing factors of SPC after cytoreductive surgery. The nomogram model was constructed by using the above indexes. The Area Under Curve of the model was 0.913(95%CI:0.866∼0.959), the sensitivity was 82.50%,and the specificity was 88.80%.

Conclusion/Implications Age, preoperative tumor area score, tumor load score, albumin are independent factors of SPC after cytoreductive surgery. Nomogram can provide an individualized postoperative SPC risk prediction for cytoreductive surgery patients.

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