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EP088/#733  Incidence of cervical cancer diagnosed too late for surgical treatment; third region, Chile
  1. Pedro Cervantes,
  2. Estrella Scherer,
  3. Karen Poque and
  4. Barbara Cortes
  1. Hospital Regional Copiapo, Ginecologia, Copiapo, Chile


Introduction There are different types of treatment for cervical cancer, surgical treatment is carried out only in the early stages, this being the definitive treatment in many cases. In 2018 the European Society for Gynecologic Oncology (ESGO) together with the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) and the European Society for Pathology (ESP) published evidence-based guidelines to improve the management of patients with cervical cancer within a multidisciplinary environment.

Methods Retrospective review of statistical database analysis using clinical records, protocols, biopsies, and gynecology-oncology committee records of patients diagnosed with cervical cancer between November 2020 and April 2023.

Results We found 95 patients with diagnosis of cervical cancer who were presented to the gynecology oncology committee between the aforementioned dates. 82 patients with ages between 22 to 82 years were newly diagnosed: 23 patients (28%) in initial stages who received curative surgical treatment and 59 patients (72%) who did not meet the conditions for surgical treatment. The FIGO stages were classified as: 6 IB3, 1 IIB, 1 IIA1, 2 IIA2, 7 IIB, 4 IIIB, 15 IIIC1, 4 IIIC2, 5 IVA, 14 IVB.

Conclusion/Implications At present, after the pandemic and the decrease in screening, most patients with cervical cancer that arrive at our unit are in advanced stages and we cannot perform surgeries with curative intent. Therefore these results encourage us to improve public awareness to reach a greater population and to change the regional public health regulations to improve these data and decrease morbidity/mortality.

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