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EP087/#716  Frequency of prior cervical cytology and detailed histology in patients diagnosed with cervical cancer at a northern regional hospital in Chile
  1. Pedro Cervantes,
  2. Karen Poque,
  3. Estrella Scherer,
  4. Geraldine Gonzalez,
  5. Sofia Pizarro and
  6. Barbara Cortes
  1. Hospital Regional Copiapo, Ginecologia, Copiapo, Chile


Introduction The objective of this review is to know the frequency with which patients with cervical cancer have cervical cytology that is current, not current, or have never had one done before; in addition to knowing the results of the cytology and specifying the histology of the most frequent cervical cancer in patients with current cytology.

Methods Retrospective descriptive study, with review of records of patients admitted to the Gynecology Oncology Unit of the Regional Hospital of Copiapó between 2020–2022, with diagnosis of cervical cancer. Current cytology was considered performed within 3 years of diagnosis. Cervical cytology was reported according to the classification of Bethesda.

Results A sample of 68 patients who met the inclusion criteria was selected. 21% had a current Pap smear, 54% did not have a current pap smear, 25% had never had a Pap smear. Of the 14 patients with current cytology, the IG8 result predominates (64.3%), other results included IG7 (14.3%), H1 (14.3%) and G4 (7.1%). Histology results observed in the sample with current cytology included squamous (78.6%), adenocarcinoma (14.3%) and adenocarcinoma and clear cells (7.1%).

Conclusion/Implications A large percentage of patients diagnosed with cervical cancer in our study population did not have a Pap smear in the last 3 years. Less than 5% of the population studied had a complete screening in the last 10 years, which highly decreases the possibility of preventing cervical cancer, therefore we recommend increasing awareness in the general population to obtain an effective and timely screening.

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