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#353 Age and cervical histology, the most important factors to predict human papilloma virus clearance
  1. Fariba Behnamfar and
  2. Fatemeh Ahmady
  1. Esfahan University of Medical Sciences, Esfahan, Iran


Introduction/Background Introduction: Cervical Cancer (CC) is a common cancer which is associated with HPV-infection. The aim of this study is to investigate the risk factors which affects HPV-clearance

Methodology Methods: This study was carried out on women with high risk HPV infection. All the patients underwent pap smears and cervical biopsy. Demographic data, marital status, vaccination history and consumption of tobacco, alcohol, opiums and oral contraceptive pills was asked through a questionnaire.

Results Results: The results showed that in one year follow-up, 142 (67.1%) patients showed HPV clearance. The HPV clearance decreased by increasing age (p=0.028) or higher CIN numbers (p=0.017). In case of parity, there was no significant difference in univariate analysis (p=0.147), but it was significant in multiple logistic regression analysis (95% CI: 0.413–0.941, OR=0624, p= 0.024).

Conclusion Conclusion: It seems that age, cervical histology and parity at the start of HPV infection are the most important factors for HPV clearance.

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