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#123 Effect of diabetes mellitus on treatment response in patients of cervical carcinoma
  1. Afsana Shah,
  2. Pragya Shukla and
  3. Kishore Singh
  1. Delhi State Cancer Institute, Delhi, India


Introduction/Background To study the effect of Type 2 diabetes mellitus on treatment response in locally advanced carcinoma cervix patients recieving chemoradiotherapy.Type 2 diabetes mellitus cases are rising due to life style changes and interplay of genetic changes.These changes have various detrimental effect on body,which can effect treatment response to chemo-radiation in carcinoma cervix patients.

Methodology The data of patients of locally advanced cervical carcinoma and who had recieved definitive chemoradiotherapy between 2016 and 2018 was retrospectively analysed . A total of 183 patients had undergone definitive chemo-radiation by external beam radiation using either 6MV and 18MV energy depending on their anterior-posterior separation, by 2 fields or 4 fields upto a dose of 50Gy in 25 fractions, followed by HDR Intra-cavitory radiotherapy in three sessions of 7Gy each. All patients received concurrent cisplatin at the dose of 35mg/m2, weekly during external beam radiotherapy.

Results 8.2% of the total patient subset were found to have Type2DM,4.9% had Type2DM along with hypertension, 12.56% were found to have only hypertension and 74.31% were having no comorbidities .Patients with diabetes and diabetes plus hpertension had residual in 25% of the cases and 37.5% of the cases had recurrence.In the patients having no comorbidities 14.7% had residual and 16.91% had recurrence.The differences in response rates and recurrence on comparing patients with no comorbidities and those with diabetes were found to be statistically significant.The P value for residual and recurrence is,0.003 and 0.019 respectively.

Conclusion In this retrospective study,we found that patient of carcinoma cervix with diabetes mellitus alone or with both diabetes and hypertension had poor response to chemoradiotherapy vis a vis those who had no diabetes or had only hypertension.These group of patients had either residual or showed recurrence.

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