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#839 Laparoskopic infralevatoral total pelvic exenteration
  1. Mehmet Faruk Köse,
  2. Edis Kahraman and
  3. Mustafa Deveci
  1. Acibadem University Atakent Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey


Introduction/Background Pelvic exenteration is highly morbid surgery. Most important part of the surgery is patient selection and explanation of post-surgery life changes to the patient. Since first discribed by Brunschwig(1948), many modification has been made in procedure. Today’s technology and surgical experience allow us to perform this brutal surgery in minimal invasive ways.

Methodology 72 years of woman had vaginal mucosal malign melanoma. After careful examination, we decided to perform infralevatoral total laparoscopic pelvic exenteration. We aimed to show the video of the procedure.

Results Tips of laparoscopic pelvic exenteration

Conclusion we aimed to discuss tips of laparoscopic pelvic exenteration.

Disclosures we aimed to discuss tips of laparoscopic pelvic exenteration.

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