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#1093 Technique to avoid spillage in a large ovarian mass
  1. Felicia Elena Buruiana,
  2. Bindiya Gupta,
  3. Sarada Kannangara,
  4. Janos Balega and
  5. Kavita Singh
  1. PaBirmingham Gynaecological Cancer Centre, Birmingham, UK


Introduction/Background AIM: This video highlights a safe technique to drain and remove a large ovarian mass.

Methodology Case report.

Results CASE REPORT: 86 years old woman who received treatment in Covid19 circumstances. She presented with abdominal distension and symptoms related to intraabdominal pressure for 6 months. The estimated glomerular filtration rate was 38. Ca125 was 124. Her World Health Organisation performance status was 0/1. The computer tomography demonstrated a large abdominopelvic mass.

A 10 cm midline laparotomy was performed. The technique of draining the cyst is demonstrated. Ten litres of fluid were aspirated, and an approximately 40x20 cm cyst was removed. It contained further 4 litres of bloodstained fluid.

Conclusion We recommend this technique because it is easy to perform, straightforward, and very simple in case of fluid filled enlarged ovarian cysts. The incision is small and there is a safe aspiration of the cyst contents. Patient’s recovery is fast.

This technique can be used for benign cysts, for known malignant cysts, where the dissemination is not of a concern, and also in palliative cases where the performance status does not allow a more complex operation.

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