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#640 Experience of developing a national training curriculum in gynaecological oncology in India
  1. Jaydip Bhaumik
  1. Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, India


Introduction/Background Formal training in Gynaecological Oncology (GO) in India started in 2011 with only one candidate for the degree of MCh at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. A few other University affiliated hospitals also started MCh program in the following years. The number of trainees were grossly inadequate compared to the large demand for service. The training curriculums at the different institutions were also diverse. It was strongly felt that a national curriculum for this super-speciality training was necessary. This article explores how the national curriculum was developed and implemented for training in GO in India.

Methodology The author, a key member of the team of experts assigned to develop the national curriculum, while developing a GO service at a newly built cancer institute also developed a training program to meet the demand for a rapidly increasing service and initiate the creation of the next generation of gynaecological oncologists in India.

Results The department of GO at Tata Medical Center, Kolkata (TMCK) started with one consultant in May 2021. Two trainees were recruited through a formal selection process. The structured training program, including theoretical knowledge and practical skills training, was for three years and it was planned to recruit two trainees every year. The training program was remodelled periodically according to the service need at TMCK. The Indian National Board accepted the TMCK curriculum for 3-years post-doctoral course in GO in October 2018. The appraisal system of the TMCK curriculum was changed to an exit examination. The first batch of 6 trainees were recruited in 2019 for four accredited institutions. Currently there are 11 recognised institutes recruiting 18 candidates each year to undergo this training.

Conclusion The model adopted in India can be replicated in countries where there is no structured national curriculum in GO.

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