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#938 Clinicopathological features of rare vulvar tumors
  1. Nayssem Khessairi,
  2. Saida Sakhri,
  3. Ons Krimi,
  4. Hanen Bouaziz,
  5. Lamia Naija,
  6. Maher Slimane and
  7. Tarek Ben Dhiab
  1. Surgical department, Salah Azaiez Institute, Tunis, Tunisia


Introduction/Background Vulvar tumors are rare neoplasms that account for 4% of all gynecological neoplasms. They are fourth in frequency after tumors of the cervix, endometrium, and ovary. Ninety eight percent of all vulvar tumors are benign and only 2% are malignant. Ninety-five percent of vulvar tumors are squamous cell carcinomas, and the other histological types represent only 5%.

Methodology We conducted a retrospective descriptive study, including the patients diagnosed and treated at the Salah Azaiez Institute, for vulvar cancer apart from squamous cell carcinomas, over a period of 12 years, from 2010 to 2022.

Results Nine patients were included in our study. The most frequent reason for consultation was vulvar pruritus (in six patients) followed by the appearance of a vulvar mass. All patients had surgical treatment with or without adjuvant therapy. After a median follow-up of 62 months, only two patients presented a locoregional recurrence, requiring a surgical revision, with vulvar reconstruction in one case. Clinicopathological features and therapeutic modalities, are summarized in table 1.

Abstract #938 Table 1

Clinicopathological features an therapeutic modalities of the studied cases

Conclusion Vulvar malignancies are uncommon the diagnosis depends on histological examination. Management of vulvar neoplasms depends on histopathologic type and ranges from wedge resection with or without lymph node biopsy or dissection, to radiation therapy with chemo- or immunotherapy. Overall survival varies by diagnosis.

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