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#1031 Treatment of brain metastases of breast cancer by external radiotherapy at the EHSO Emir Abdelkader Of Oran, Algeria
  1. Lotfi Taleb1,2 and
  2. Maheidine Benarbia1,3
  1. 1EHSO Emir Abdelkader of Oran, Oran, Algeria
  2. 2Faculty of medicine, university of Oran 1,, Oran, Algeria
  3. 3Faculty of medicine, university of Oran 1, Oran, Algeria


Introduction/Background Radiotherapy remains an important part of the therapeutic strategy for brain metastases, improving symptoms and prolonging survival in these patients. The aim of our study is to present our experience in the treatment of brain metastases of mammary origin by radiotherapy at the EHSO Emir Abdelkader of Oran.

Methodology We retrospectively reviewed the records of 17 patients out of a total of 82 patients treated with palliative encephalic irradiation during the year 2020.

Results In terms of frequency, primary breast cancer was second (20.7%) after lung cancer 65.9%. The median age of the patients was 49 years [40–67 years], brain metastases were metachronous in 88.2% of the patients (n=15) and synchronous in 11.8% (n=2). The diagnosis of brain metastases was made radiologically in 82.4% of cases and by biopsy-exeresis in 17.6% of cases. The number of metastases was multiple in 76.5% of cases and single in 23.5% of cases and their location was in 23.5% of cases (n=4) supratentorial, 5.9% (n=1) subtentorial and 70.63% (n=12) supratentorial and subtentorial 76.5% of the patients had a Karnofsky index greater than 70%. Seven patients (41.2%) were RPA I, 35.3% RPAII and 23.5% RPAIII. The brain radiation doses delivered were 18Gray in three sessions and 20Gray in five sessions in 70.6% and 29.4% of cases respectively. With a median follow-up of 13 months (4–33 months) we recorded 13 cerebral relapses (76.5%) and 12 deaths (70.6%). At two years, relapse-free survival was 23.5% and overall survival 28.2%.

Conclusion Without treatment, brain metastases lead to death within two months. They often respond well to radiotherapy, which reduces brain signs and improves patient comfort and survival.

Disclosures brain metastases, Radiotherapy, Gray, overall survival

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