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#245 The evaluation of predicting value of HE4 and CA125 markers for optimal cytoreductive surgery in ovarian cancer patients
  1. Elham Saffarieh
  1. Amiralmomenin hospital, Semnan, Iran


Introduction/Background Ovarian cancer is the deadliest gynecological cancer worldwide. Optimal surgery is of paramount importance in managing ovarian tumors. There is no consensus between experts about eligible and definite criteria for optimal surgery. Therefore, we conducted a cross-sectional study to evaluate the role of serum levels of CA125 and HE4 in predicting optimal cytoreductive surgery.

Methodology This cross-sectional study, was performed in Tehran, Iran. Eligible women who had been diagnosed with ovarian tumor based on both clinical and imaging criteria were enrolled in this study. Serum levels of CA 125 and HE4 were checked before surgery and all patients underwent complete surgical staging. After completion of the pathological evaluation, data were entered in SPSS version 23.

Results One hundred and ten individuals were enrolled in our study. We divided cases between two groups: stage I to III b and stage IIIc to IV. Serum level of HE4 >170 pmol/l can predict optimal cytoreductive surgery before operation. (sensitivity:80% and specificity 70%) and serum level of CA 125 >320 UI/ml can predict optimal cytoreductive surgery before operation. (sensitivity:80% and specificity 70%).

Conclusion Our data demonstrated a negative predictive value of about 80% for both HE4 and CA125. Based on these cut-off, unnecessary surgery can be avoided in many cases, however, it is unwise to ignore clinical performance and radiological findings. Nevertheless, we can say the evaluation of tumor markers is feasible and helpful in predicting optimal surgery.

Disclosures This study is done by Semnan university of medical sciences grant.

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