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#228 Borderline tumors of the ovary: experience of 99 cases from a single academic institution
  1. Vera Loizzi1,2,
  2. Francesca Arezzo3,
  3. Michele Mongelli3,
  4. Massimiliano Memmola3,
  5. Tommaso Difonzo3,
  6. Gaia Battista3,
  7. Pietro Quarto3,
  8. Alberto Serio3,
  9. Anila Kardhashi1,
  10. Ambrogio Cazzolla1,
  11. Erica Silvestris1 and
  12. Gennaro Cormio1,2
  1. 1IRCCS Istituto Tumori Giovanni Paolo II, Bari, Italy
  2. 2Department of Interdisciplinary Medicine, Bari, Italy
  3. 3University of Bari, Bari, Italy


Introduction/Background The aim of the study was to evaluate the clinicopathological features and the survival time estimates in patients treated for borderline ovarian tumors (BOTs).Fertility rates was also reported.

Methodology A retrospective review of all patients treated for BOTs at the University of Bari (Bari, Italy) between 1991 and 2022 was performed. Data were obtained from hospital records and gynecological oncology charts.

Results Ninty-nine patients were identified. The median age was 41 years (range 12–87). The majority of the patients (91%) presented symptoms such as pain and sense of tightness in abdominal and pelvic area at diagnosis. FIGO stage I disease was found in 74% of patients, stage II in 14% and the remaining 12% had stage III. Half of the patients had serous histology in their tumors whereas 31% had mucinous histology. All women underwent surgery. Twelve percent of the patients had a recurrence. The median survival was 49 months (range 16–84) and the 5 year survival rate was 98%. No statistical difference has been observed in survival between complete and conservative surgery, stage I and II/III, serous versus no serous histological types, and positive versus negative CA-125 and CA-19.9 levels of at diagnosis.

Conclusion BOTs have an excellent prognosis. Surgery is the gold standard of treatment for these tumors and conservative treatment in patients who desire to preserve fertility may be a valid option of treatment.

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