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#22 Superficial implants versus deeps implants (invasion) in organs : scalloping sign on ultrasound
  1. Ahmed Elagwany
  1. Alexandria university, Alexandria, Egypt


Introduction/Background We are aiming here to differentiate superficial implants from deep ones on ultrasound in relation to the uterus, liver or rectum in cases of Al carcinomatosis .

Methodology A scalloping sign is indicative of deep implants in which there is interrupted uterine contour on ultraosund .It can indicate superficial versus deep Implants especially in cases of peritoneal carcinomatosis .

Results This sign is important in surgical aspect where a superficial implants can be shaved and we can preserve the organ and deep implants which are parenchymal implants will need radical surgery or deep resection .

This sign can be applied on uterus, rectum, spleen and liver in order to guide surgery .

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