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#17 The relationship between melatonin 1–2 receptor expression in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer and survival
  1. Elifnur Bicer,
  2. Tevfik Tugan Bese,
  3. Deniz Dilan Tuzun,
  4. Sennur Ilvan,
  5. Basak Ozge Kayan and
  6. Fuat Demirkiran
  1. Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty, Istanbul, Türkiye


Introduction/Background As many studies show,melatonin has antiproliferative,anti-angiogenic, apoptotic,immunomodulatory properties in many cancer types including ovarian cancer.Considering these effects of melatonin;we evaluated the relationship between melatonin1(MT1) and melatonin2(MT2) receptor expression in tumor tissues of patients with epithelial ovarian cancer,and disease-free survival(DFS) and overall survival(OS).

Methodology Patients who received primary surgical treatment for epithelial ovarian cancer in our clinic between 2000 and 2019 were retrospectively scanned through patient files,electronic database,and telephone calls.142 eligible patients included in study and tumoral tissues were examined to determine MT1 and MT2 receptor expression by immunohistochemical methods.The percentage of receptor positive cells and intensity of staining were determined.

Results Sociodemographic characteristics such as age,body mass index (BMI) and menopausal status didn’t show any significant effect on DFS and OS.However, preoperatively measured serum Cancer Antigen 125(CA125) level (p:<0.001 for DFS and p:0.004 for OS), histopathological type (p:0.003 for DFS and p:0.006 for OS),residual tumor(p:<0.001 for DFS and p:<0.001 for OS), grade(p: <0.001 for DFS and p:0.001 for OS), postoperative stage(p:<0.001 for DFS and p:<0.001 for OS),and melatonin 1 receptor expression(p:0.002 for DFS and p:0.002 for OS) showed significant effect on DFS and OS. Melatonin 2 receptor expression had no effect on survival(p:0.593 for DFS and p:0.209 for OS).

Abstract #17 Figure 1

A: Relationship of IRS (Immunereactivity Score) for MT1 receptor of 142 patients and disease-free survival. B: Relationship of IRS for MT1 receptor of 142 patients and overall survival.

Disclosures The results showed that higher the Melatonin 1 receptor expression, longer the disease-free and overall survival.It’s suggested that melatonin should be considered as adjuvant therapy for ovarian cancer patients in addition to standard treatment,and clinical progress should be observed.

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