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#828 Uterine sarcomas in patients under 40 years of age
  1. Jose Maria Mariconde1 and
  2. OtilioDaniel Rosato2
  1. 1IMGO. Hospital Universitario de Maternidad y NeonatologíA, Cordoba, Argentina
  2. 2Hospital Universitario de Maternidad y NeonatologíA, Cordoba, Argentina


Introduction/Background Uterine sarcomas (US) arise from the myometrium or connective tissue elements of the endometrium and account for less than 10% of cancers of the uterine body. (1)

Most US present in patients between the ages of 40 and 60, although they have been diagnosed at younger ages. Black patients are twice as likely to develop leiomyosarcoma as white patients.

Aim Present the epidemiological aspects and the relevant pathological results of the young population diagnosed with uterine sarcoma.

Methodology Descriptive, observational and retrospective study, through the analysis of medical records between 2002 and 2020 in patients diagnosed with uterine sarcoma (UC). The following variables were included: age, personal and hereditary cancer history, hormonal treatment, pregnancy, parity and initial clinical manifestations, the different treatments used and follow up.

Results 7 cases of patients diagnosed with US were collected. AVERAGE AGE 31.85 years (24–40).

The most frequent symptomatology was abnormal uterine bleeding in 5 cases. The rest of the patients presented a suspicious ultrasound finding, abdominal distension or hypogastric pain.

The main results are in table 1 (adnex 1).

The treatment used was surgical with hysterectomy (TH in the 3 leyomiosarcomas), except in 1 case in which, due to the physical conditions of the patient, it was not performed.

Regarding the evolution of the disease, 2 patients died within the first year of diagnosis, the remaining 5 patients being free of disease after a long follow-up period.

Conclusion The age of the EDs registered in our case material was below the usual mean. The predominant symptom was SUA. The treatment performed was surgical plus adjuvant treatment in most of the cases studied with overall survival at 5 years adjusted according to the stage at diagnosis.

Abstract #828 Table 1

Main results of the serie. TH: Total hysterectomy, SOB: bilateral salpingoophorectomy; RAD: radiotherapy; AUB: abnormal uterine bleeding.

Disclosures Most uterine sarcomas occur in patients older than 40 years; however, they have been diagnosed in patients as young as 20 years of age. The median age at diagnosis is approximately 60 years. In the present series, the mean age was 36.

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