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#948 Breast cancer after IVF: ovary stimulation and prognostic factors
  1. Sonia Baulies,
  2. Maxim Izquierdo,
  3. Francesc Fargas,
  4. Mireia Gutiérrez,
  5. Francesc Tresserra,
  6. Ignacio Rodríguez and
  7. Rafael Fàbregas
  1. Dexeus University Hospital, Barcelona, Spain


Introduction/Background The ovary stimulation and the follicular response is related with estradiol level. Study in breast cancer patients after IVF if ovarian response or number of IVF cycles affects the prognostic factors.

Methodology Patients with breast cancer who underwent IVF are studied the prognostic factors (Ki67, HER2, estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR), oncogene p53, histologic grade) in relation to the ovary response and number of IVF cycles.

Results 73 patients with breast cancer after IVF are studied. They performed 135 cycles of IVF, 36 (49’3%) with 1 IVF and 37 (50’7%) with more than one IVF. Hyper response was present in at least one IVF in 24 (32.9%) patients and there was no hyper response in any IVF in 49 (67.1%) patients

Conclusion In breast cancer after IVF, the ovary stimulation and the follicular response not affect Ki67, HER2, estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, p53, and histologic grade. p53 positive is more frequent in patients with more than one IVF

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