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#934 Treatment in recurrent uterine sarcomas
  1. Yeliz Aykanat1,
  2. Tugan Bese1,
  3. Ramazan Murdan2,
  4. Sukru Cebi1,
  5. Serdar Acikgoz1 and
  6. Fuat Demirkiran1
  1. 1Istanbul University Cerrahpasa, Cerrahpasa medical school, Istanbul, Türkiye
  2. 2Istanbul University medical school, Istanbul, Türkiye


Introduction/Background Uterine sarcomas (US) are aggressive tumors with a 45–73% recurrence rate. Cytoreductive surgery is the mainstay treatment in uterine sarcoma management. Systemic chemotherapy is also an option for pati-ents with recurrent, metastatic, irresectable leiomyosarcoma. This study aims to compare the efficacy of secondary cytoreductive surgery and chemotherapy in patients with recurrent uterine sarcoma

Methodology Recorded data from 45 patients with recurrent uterine sarcoma were analyzed retrospectively. Twenty-three recurrent US cases treated with secondary cytoreductive surgery and 22 with chemotherapy were included in the study.

Results Median follow-up of the patients was 57 months. Complete secondary CRS was accomplished in 18 of 23 (78,2%) recurrent patients. Median survial after recurrens was 19 months for surgery group and 9,5 months for chemoteharpy group (p = 0.288). Median overall survival was 36 months in the surgery and 30.5 months in the chemotherapy group and did not show a significant difference (p= 0.236). The 5-year overall survival was 30% for CRS and 20% for chemotherapy groups. Median OS was 13 months in pati-ents with DFS less than 12 months and 46.5 months in patients with DFS more than 12 months. Patients with DFS longer than 12 months had better OS (P= 0.019).

Conclusion Patients who relapse within the first year have worse survival. Although CRS after recurrence provides a partial survival advantage, this does not show any statistical significance. Patient selection for CRS should be patient-tailored.

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