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#366 High expression of IGF2BP2 is the poor prognostic factor and enhance the resistance for platinum reagent in endometrial cancer
  1. Kosuke Hiramatsu,
  2. Yuko Watanabe,
  3. Mamoru Kakuda,
  4. Satoshi Nakagawa,
  5. Toshihiro Kimura,
  6. Yutaka Ueda and
  7. Tadashi Kimura
  1. Osaka University, Suita, Japan


Introduction/Background Endometrial cancer (EC) is the most common gynecological cancer in Japan. The initial treatment of EC is surgery followed by platinum-based chemotherapy, therefore, platinum resistance is major factor of poor prognosis. In this study, we focused on IGF2BP2 which is highly expressed in platinum resistant EC cells and analyze its function.

Methodology We performed iTRAQ-based exhaustive and quantitative protein analysis using EC tissues of platinum sensitive and resistant cases, and detected high expression protein (IGF2BP2) among platinum resistant cases. Using 119 EC cases, we also performed survival analysis to reveal the correlation between IGF2BP2 expression levels and overall survival. Moreover, we generated IGF2BP2 knockdown EC cell lines using siRNA, and measured IC50 value of platinum reagent.

Results iTRAQ-based protein analysis detected 2299 proteins, and IGF2BP2 was one of the highly expressed proteins in platinum resistant EC cases. High expression of IGF2BP2 was associated with poor prognosis of EC (p<0.05). Knockdown of IGF2BP2 decreased IC50 value of platinum reagent (p<0.05).

Conclusion High expression of IGF2BP2 is poor prognostic factor and is related platinum resistance of EC.

Disclosures I have no potential conflict of interest to report

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