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#1005 Clinical Errors In Patient Management With Papillomavirus Infestation
  1. Valentyna Sklyarova1,
  2. Rostyslav Chajkivskyj1,
  3. Oksana Nepyjvoda1 and
  4. Taras Rozhanskyi2
  1. 1Lviv National Medical University, Lviv, Ukraine
  2. 2Volyn Regional Oncology Centre., Lutsk, Ukraine


Introduction/Background Errors in the clinical management of patients with persistence of human papillomavirus infection occur in the practice of gynecologists

Methodology Aim of the study was to evaluate 5 clinically important complications of situations for women aged 18–45 years.

Material and Methods Studies were conducted on the base of Yu. Lypy Lviv regional hospital of disabled people of war and repressed and Volyn Regional Oncology Centre. A retrospective analysis of errors in the management of patients was carried out, in treatment methods, especially with the use of cryodestruction, colposcopic pictures, results of cytological and histological conclusion, results of examination for oncogenic types of papillomavirus were presented.

Results and Discussion After analyzing all errors in the management of patients with persistence of papillomavirus and preliminary cryotherapy of the cervix, the main reasons that led to the progression of the disease up to cervical cancer were noted.

Conclusion In the presence of papillomavirus, cryodestruction of the cervix is not advisable, even if no cervical dysplasia was detected by histological conclusions

Disclosures There is no conflict of interest of any of the authors with the results of the study.

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