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#989 Epidemiologic, clinical and therapeutic analysis of no metastatic cervical cancer in west of algeria
  1. Lotfi Taleb1,2,
  2. Maheidine Benarbia1,3 and
  3. Abdekbaki Boukerche1,2
  1. 1EHSO Emir Abdelkader of Oran, Oran, Algeria
  2. 2Faculty of medicine, Oran, Algeria
  3. 3University of Oran 1, Oran, Algeria


Introduction/Background Cervical cancer is a preoccupant problem of public health in Algeria, because its frequency and especially its mortality. The objective of our study is to determine epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic aspect of cervical cancer in west of Algeria.

Methodology This is a retrospective study that took place in the radiotherapy department of EHSO of Emir Abdelkader in Oran in the period from 1st January 2015 to 31st December 2018. The number of patients included in the study is 409.

Results The average age was 56.49 ± 0.6 years old with extreme of 24 years and 93 years. Genital bleeding is the dominant reason for consultation found in 81% of cases, most patients are grand multiparous, 76% of women have four or more children. 28% of women were anaemic at diagnosis with haemoglobin <12g/dl. Almost all patient (78% of cases) presented with an cervix bourgeon a or ulcerate bourgeon. The most represented histological type was squamous cell carcinoma in 88.3% of cases and adenocarcinoma was represented by 37 cases (9%), the average radiological tumour size is 43.7 mm of which 64% of cases were greater than 4 cm. According to the Figo2009 classification, stage IIB represents 55.2% of cases followed by stage IB (25% of cases), stage IV (8.1% of cases), stage III (5.1%), and stage IA (1.9% of cases), the average consultation time is 6.11 months. 4 therapeutic arms were used for the treatment of patients, radiotherapy used in 89.8% of cases, followed by surgery used in 54.3% of patients, brachytherapy in 52.5% of cases, and finally chemotherapy, of which 51.4% of women benefited.

Conclusion Cervical cancer is the third leading cause of mortality after breast cancer and colorectal cancer in Algeria. Despite efforts for an early detection program by cervico-vaginal smear, patients arrived in locally advanced stage, and consult doctors late.

Disclosures Cervical cancer, Radiotherapy

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