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TP008/#1422 Epidemiological landscape of cervical cancer in Latin America (EVITA LATAM) – LACOG 0820
  1. Graziela Zibetti Dal Molin1,2,
  2. Mivael Olivera3,
  3. Adrian Guerrero4,
  4. Reitan Ribeiro5,
  5. Juan Zarba6,
  6. Andreia Cristina De Melo2,7,
  7. Gustavo Werutsky8,
  8. Heloisa De Andrade Carvalho9,
  9. Juan Velasquez10,
  10. Alexssandra Siqueira Dos Santos7,
  11. Fernanda Damian2,11,
  12. Eduardo Cronemberg12,
  13. André Mattar13,
  14. Lucely Cetina-Perez14,
  15. Miriam Raimondo15,
  16. Natalia Baltz Hehn16,
  17. Ronaldo Schmidt17,
  18. Vanessa Bezerra18,
  19. Rafaela De Jesus19,
  20. Taiane Rebelatto2 and
  21. Renata Colombo Bonadio20,21
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  21. 21Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo, Oncology, São Paulo, Brazil


Objectives Cervical cancer is highly incident in Latin America (LATAM) and is frequently diagnosed in advanced stages. There is scarce information on clinical and epidemiological aspects of cervical cancer in LATAM. This study will provide data to develop comprehensive programs to improve cervical cancer prevention and treatment in the region.

Methods LACOG 0820 (EVITA LATAM) is an observational retrospective and prospective study that aims to characterize cervical cancer in LATAM. Patients from 16 research sites in 7 LATAM countries (Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Colombia), diagnosed with cervical cancer of any histology, FIGO 2018 stage IB2 or greater, since Jan 2018 or newly diagnosed during recruitment will be included. The factors to be evaluated comprise demographic and socio-economic (patient’s country, occupation, income, educational level, marital status, health insurance coverage) and clinical aspects (histology, stage at diagnosis, smoking history, hemoglobin level, renal function, time from diagnosis to initiation of definitive treatment for localized disease). Data will be collected from medical charts during 5 years from diagnosis. Tumor block will be collected from patients who agree at time of ICF signature for exploratory analyses. A biorepository will be established to perform next generation sequence tests and describe tumor molecular characteristics. Based on prevalence of locally advanced cervical cancer in LATAM, 482 patients are expected to be enrolled in this study. As of 30 June 2022, 131 patients had been enrolled. NCT04947605

Results Trial in progress: no available results at submission.

Conclusions Trial in progress: no available conclusions at submission.

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