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2022-RA-1652-ESGO Ovarian cancer treatment planning and computer tomography interpretation skills of oncogynaecologist
  1. Olena Postupalenko and
  2. Kateryna Kharchenko
  1. Department of minimally invasive surgery, Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center, Kyiv, Ukraine


Introduction/Background Cytoreductive surgery is the cornerstone of modern ovarian cancer treatment. Planning and treatment assessment is very important.

Methodology Analyze of our experience with tips and tricks of selecting patiens for cytoreductive surgery.

Results Radiologist’s report contains the basic information about disease burden. Multiplanar review may allow clinician to imagine anatomical peculiarities of advanced disease. Sometimes it may be helpful to plan the placement of ports during diagnostic laparoscopy or to navigate during searching of suspicious areas. Patients’ anatomy is easier more safely to determine preoperatively, for example variants of vessel anatomy, tumor interrelation with major vessels, ureters, spleen, pancreas etc. In the case where vascular or hepatobiliary surgeon would be needed it may be done in a planned manner, not in the emergency because of accidental intraoperative finding. After cytoreductive surgery with extensive peritonectomy some specific radiologic changes may occur. When clinician knows or at least have access to operative report, he can more correctly interpret postoperative changes (different kinds irregular soft tissue fibrosis after peritonectomy, liver changes after decapsulation or atypic resection, lymph cysts, lymphadenopathy etc.).

Conclusion Computer tomography interpretation skills is very important for oncogynaecologist. It should be incorporated in educational programs and training programs.

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