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2022-RA-415-ESGO Sonography in the diagnosis of primary fallopian tube cancer
  1. Dmytro Sumtsov1,
  2. Georgyi Sumtsov1,
  3. Yulia Redko1,
  4. Myroslav Starkiv1,
  5. Natalia Rozhkovska2 and
  6. Igor Gladchuk2
  1. 1Sumy Regional Clinical Oncology Dispensary, Sumy, Ukraine
  2. 2Odesa National Medical University, Odesa, Ukraine


Introduction/Background The primary fallopian tube cancer (FTC) is diagnosed from 0 to 10–15% cases preoperatively and not offen 50–70% – intraoperatively.

Methodology It was done a retrospective analysis of 45 cases of FTC, that are verified histologically in the period from 2013 to 2022. There were studied the preoperative sonographic data of FTC: the solid cystic or ovoid forms with areas of thickening of the walls, hardening or papillary growths on the inner surface of the capsule, incomplete septa; the presence of fluid in the uterine cavity; the blod flow of moderate or severe intensity with high speed and low resistance.

Results In 9 (20%) patients with sonographical diagnosis of FTC it was confirmed intraoperatively and histologically. Another 9 (20%) cases described a sonographic picture that was characteristic for FTC, but FTC was not suspected preoperatively and was detected as a result of surgery that was performed by other indications. In the rest cases, according to ultrasound results, ovarian cancer was found in 8 (17.7%), cystadenoma or papillary cystadenoma in 7 (15.5), non-neoplastic cysts in 8 (17.7%) cases. In 4 (8.8%) cases sonographic signs of pathology were not detected. Thus, the sensitivity of ultrasound diagnosis as a method of preoperative diagnosis of FTC, provided the correct interpretation of the results in 40% (95% CI: 25.70 − 55.67%) cases. But the presence of sonographic signs of FTC was in 41 (91.1%; 95% CI: 78.78 − 97.52%) patients.

Conclusion It is necessary to standardize the sonographic description of FTC for improving its diagnostics.

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