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2022-RA-1163-ESGO Metastatic adenoid cystic carcinoma gland bartholini: a case report
  1. Vesna Krsic1,
  2. Jovan Krsic2,
  3. Jovan Milojevic3,
  4. Biljana Jocic Pivac1,
  5. Dragomir Jovanovic1 and
  6. Ivana Rudic Biljic Erski1
  1. 1obgyn, University clinic, Belgrade, Serbia
  2. 2Military Academy Belgrade, Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia
  3. 3ObGYN department General hospital Lazarevac, Lazarevac, Srbija, Serbia


Introduction/Background Adenocarcinoma gland Bartholin’s is a very rare tumor accounting for 2–7% of all cancers of the vulva and less than 1% of all female genital malignancies. These tumors’ basic features are slow growth, expanding locally, and sometimes this tumor expanding as metastatic from the other organs like carcinoma mammas. There is no agreement on optimal treatment for this type of carcinoma.

Methodology We will show the case 64-year-old woman who came to our hospital because of a tumor mass in the region gland Bartholin’s. She already had the operation because of Carcinoma mammas ten years ago. A gynecological examination can be seen enlarged Bartolini’s gland about 5 cm in diameter to the left side. The other gynecological examination was normal.

Results We performed a local-wide removal of the tumor. Histopathology confirmed that this is metastatic Bartolini’s gland adenocarcinoma. The tumor was removed in its entirety with a healthy edge. CT and MRI of the pelvis were normal. We decided to follow up patient but after six months she had recurrences of the disease. We treated her by local irradiation but the patient, unfortunately, died after one year after.

Conclusion This case indicates that meta changes could be fined even on unusual localization like in our case. Follow-up patients with carcinoma must include an examination of the whole body and every change should be treated immediately.

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