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2022-RA-930-ESGO Minimally invasive inguinal lymph node dissection – Egyptian experience
  1. Hisham Abdel Mageed
  1. Surgical oncology, NCI cairo, cairo, Egypt


Introduction/Background Inguinal lymph node dissection is an integral part of many surgical oncological procedures. it comes with a high complication rate specially skin complications. In the last decade a new technique was introduced to address inguinal nodes without any incision in the inguinal region.

Methodology The objective of this series was to examine the safety and feasibility of this new technique and to compare results with the traditional open technique.the aim was to compare efficiency and oncological outcomes.

Results 27 cases were performed since 2014. Similar number of retrieved nodes decrease of hospital stay to 2 days 5 conversions in the early cases decrease of operative time from 3.5 hours in first case to mean time of 2 hours and fastest case in 45 minutes marked decrease in skin complications

Conclusion Minimally invasive inguinal dissection is easy to learn and yields same oncological outcomes while decreasing complications

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