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2022-RA-462-ESGO The effects of Cerviron on vaginal atrophy after surgically treated and adjuvant radiation therapy for cervical cancer
  1. Nicolae Bacalbasa and
  2. Irina C Balescu
  1. Carol Davila University, Bucuresti, Romania


Introduction/Background Cervical cancer remains a serious health problem affecting women in Romania and, unfortunately, most cases are still diagnosed in advanced stages of the disease. In such cases both surgery and radiation therapy might be needed, inducing therefore vaginal atrophy. the aim of the current paper is to analyze the effects of Cerviron in patients with previous history of surgically treated and irradiated cervical cancer

Methodology the outcomes of 12 patients with this pathological conditions in whom Cerviron was administrated each day for one month were compared to a similar group of patients in which intravaginal ovules were not recommended.

Results at the end of the study patients in whom ovules were administrated had a lower value of the vaginal pH – 7,4 versus 7,7 when compared to those who did not receive any treatment and none of them reported symptoms like vaginal burn or irritation while in the control group eight of the 12 patients reported such symptoms. The cultures retrieved from the vagina demonstrated the presence of pathogenic germs such as streptococcus in two cases among patients submitted to treatment and in six cases among the untreated group. Meanwhile, the clinical examinatiom revealed the presence of patchy erythema, petechiae and increased friability in 10 cases among untreated patients and only in two cases among those submitted to Cerviron therapy. Overall all patients submitted to adjuvant administration of ovules reported a significantly better quality of life when compared to their counter parts.

Conclusion administration of such an adjuvant therapy might be beneficial after heavily treated cervical cancer

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