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2022-RA-1496-ESGO Evaluation of cervical cytology in women on tamoxifen therapy
  1. Urvashi Miglani1,
  2. Supriya Chowdhary2,
  3. Maninder Kaur Chhabra3 and
  4. Neelam Sood4
  1. 1Obs and Gynae, DDU Hospital, New Delhi, India
  2. 2DDU Hospital, New Delhi, India
  3. 3Surgery, DDU Hospital, New Delhi, India
  4. 4Pathology, DDU Hospital, New Delhi, India


Introduction/Background Tamoxifen, a selective estrogenic receptor modulator, is used for hormonal treatment of all stages of hormone receptor positive breast cancer due to its anti-estrogenic effect on breast tissues. Estrogen receptors are also present in squamous and columnar epithelium of cervix and vagina and are responsible for the changes in cervico-vaginal epithelium.In view of the potential adverse effects of tamoxifen on cervical cytology, this study was planned to study those effects on cervical cytology.

Methodology This is a cross sectional study done in Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital on the patients of breast cancer taking tamoxifen therapy. Patients of breast cancer on tamoxifen therapy for more than 6 months and currently on tamoxifen are included. The results are compared with Papanicolaou smear of healthy adult females coming for screening in cancer screening OPD without any gynaecological problem. Data is coded and recorded in MS Excel spreadsheet program. SPSS v23 (IBM Corp.) is used for data analysis. Group comparisons for continuously distributed data is made using independent sample ‘t’ test when comparing two groups. Chi-squared test is used for group comparisons for categorical data.

Results 50 patients of breast cancer on tamoxifen therapy were taken as cases and 50 healthy women were included as controls.Mean age for the cases and controls was 48.5 years and 46.88 years respectively. Mean parity for cases and controls was 3.84 and 3.48 respectively. There was no significant increase in the frequency of squamous or glandular abnormalities in the patients on Tamoxifen therapy.

Conclusion There is no significant deleterious affect of Tamoxifen on cervical cytology. More research is required to confirm a protective effect.

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