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2022-RA-1648-ESGO Cardiophrenic lymph node involvement for ovarian cancer
  1. Olena Postupalenko and
  2. Kateryna Kharchenko
  1. Department of minimally invasive surgery, Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center, Kyiv, Ukraine


Introduction/Background Cardiophrenic lymph node (CPLN) involvement is one of the most common presentation of stage IV ovarian cancer. Diagnostic and therapeutic approaches currently are not established.

Methodology Review of the literature dedicated to the role of CPLN in ovarian cancer patients.

Results There is no consensus about diagnostic criteria, metastatic involvement could be described if CPLN is more than 5–10 mm, also Qualitative Assessment Scale may be used additionally. PET-CT may be used in some cases, it is perspective method but with limited availability. Positive impact of CPLN removal on recurrence free and overall survival may be achieved in the case of complete surgical cytoreduction (no visible disease). In such case omitting of CPLN lymphadenectomy is the same as left residual disease. It was shown, that if metastatic CPLN were not removed, they are very likely to be the place of recurrence and the rates of thoracic cavity recurrence are rising. Some research groups that analyzed patients’ groups with criteria of optimal cytoreduction (residual tumor less than 1 cm) had shown no influence of CPLN removal on recurrence free and overall survival. That fact underlines the importance of CPLN as a reservoir of residual tumor cells. CPLN removal is safe procedure with low rates of specific complications and no influence in terms of hospital stay or adjuvant chemotherapy admission.

Conclusion There are insufficient data about the role of CPLN in ovarian cancer patients. Potentially it is underestimated from oncological and surgical point of view. Both retrospective and prospective studies are needed to confirm it.

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