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2022-RA-770-ESGO Benign pseudomyxoma peritonei originated from both of ovaries and appendix with subcutaneous deployment in umbilical and inguinal of an 68 years old woman case report
  1. Suzanna Patricia Mongan and
  2. Glenn Ega Budi Tanoyo
  1. Obstetric-Gynecology, Samratulangi University, Manado, Indonesia


Introduction/Background Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP) was found almost in borderline or malignant type; therefore, the treatment is followed by Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy or HIPEC. Data regarding benign PMP is still limited. We reported a 68-years woman with benign PMP who underwent cytoreductive surgical only without the combination with HIPEC in Manado, Indonesia.

Methodology A 68-years old woman para 3 presented to our General Hospital with enlarging abdomen since August 2020. She had a history of abdominal surgery and the histopathological examination revealed suspect of mucinous tissue from pseudomyxoma peritonei. Physical examination showed a convex abdomen with palpable cystic mass at the ½ level of the umbilical – xiphoid process and enlarged on the left inguinal lymph nodes. The CA 125 and CEA levels were increased. Abdominal CT with contrast revealed a multilocular cystic mass with a size of 20 x 14 x 25 cm. Biopsy of the inguinal node revealed myxoid mass and atypical cells. The laparotomy findings showed the gelatinous mucinous peritoneal occupying the whole abdominal cavity and a unilocular cystic mass with a size of 20 x 19 x 18 cm from the left ovary with laceration. The appendix was distended and filled with mucin. Cytoreductive surgery was performed. The histopathological examination revealed mucinous cystadenoma on the appendix and ovary, and mucinous mass on the peritoneum and omentum.

Abstract 2022-RA-770-ESGO Figure 1
Abstract 2022-RA-770-ESGO Figure 2

Conclusion Histopathological result showed benign PMP with a metastatic process to the inguinal. We did only cytoreductive surgery and after 6 months, the patient showed no complaints.

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