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2022-VA-633-ESGO Standardized LEER procedure
  1. Víctor Lago1,
  2. Blanca Segarra-Vidal1,
  3. Pablo Padilla-Iserte1,
  4. Luis Matute1,
  5. Marta Gurrea1,
  6. Jose Antonio Pérez Álvarez2 and
  7. Santiago Domingo1
  1. 1University Hospital La Fe, Valencia, Spain
  2. 2University Hospital Nuestra señora de la candelaria, Tenerife, Spain


Introduction/Background Recurrence of cervical cancer is a challenge especially in patients who have received Radiochemotherapy for local extension at diagnosis. It is relatively common to find, in case of recurrence, situations where the hypogastric vessels, obturator muscle and nerve are affected.

Methodology The procedure called lateral extended endopelvic resection (LEER) was described by Hoekel et al. for surgical resection of lateral pelvic recurrences. We present a video surgery describing the vascular and nervous anatomy of the lateral pelvis and a case of 4-D reconstruction of the tumour and surgical resection of the tumour.

Results LEER + Radical Hysterectomy + ureteral reimplantation + intraoperative radiotherapy was performed in a patient referred to our department for a single recurrence of cervical cancer on the right side of the pelvis after primary treatment with RT-QT. Complete resection of the tumour was achieved as shown in the video with un eventful post operative period. Free of disease after 2 years.

Abstract 2022-VA-633-ESGO Figure 1

Conclusion With thorough anatomical knowledge, surgical resection of the lateral pelvic compartment is possible in case of recurrences.

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