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2022-RA-601-ESGO Fighting cervical cancer in cameroon
  1. Cristina Juan Jimenez1,
  2. Gutiérrez Martínez Ana María2,
  3. Maria Rosario Noguero Meseguer3,
  4. Maria Purificación Domínguez Franjo3,
  5. Ana Laura Luque Pérez3,
  6. Maria Jesus De la Fuente1,
  7. Emilie Ngono1,
  8. Rodrigo Ferrán Cristina1 and
  9. Villalobos Nery1
  1. 1Fundación Recover, Hospitales para África, Madrid, Spain
  2. 2Hospital Lisungi, Kinshasa, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
  3. 3Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain


Introduction/Background Cameroon is a country located in Central Africa comprising a population close to 26 million. Due to its government’s expenditure devotes less than 5% of its annual budget to the healthcare sector, it is worth noting the lack of prevention campaigns. It concerns cervical cancer which according to World Health Organization (WHO), by implementing prevention activities 1 out of 4 deaths apropos the cited could be avoided. Additionally, it should be noticed a relationship betwist the refered and HIV. Recover – as a Foundation which has been working in Africa since 2006-, germane to needs expressed by its partners, started to execute prevention cervical cancer campaigns since 2018 in countless health care structures in Cameroon- excluding 2020.

Methodology Descriptive observational study relying on records of 3 last campaignes pertaining to cervical cancer launched by Foundation Recover and partners in Cameroon.

Results Convering screening of cervical cancer in the course of the mention, 3,71% (119) of smear cervical test out a total of 3205, have submitted an outcome precancerous lesions. It is worh mentioning that 2 of the 3 campaings carried out included surgical interventions to avoid progression to cancer requested at least 81,54% of women with abnormal outcomes. Additionaly, 66,93% of women screened had performed HIV test, resulting 11,27% positives. The cited percentage could be even higher if all the women had run the test.

Abstract 2022-RA-601-ESGO Figure 1

Conclusion In light of the results and absense of many studies linked to cervical Cancer in Cameroon, these data are consisted with percentage done by WHO in its last repport in 2021, impacting on the need to continue among the reffered campaignes due to the high number of surgical interventions over precancerous lesions required. Likewise the big rate of HIV in women screaned, further heightens the need to continue screening in undeveloped countries.

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