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Ultrasound guidance for cervical implantation


Ultrasound can provide real-time imagery without the risk of radiation exposure, and it is widely available at a relatively low cost. It can provide updated three-dimensional information that can improve the physician’s spatial awareness during a brachytherapy procedure for cervical cancer. There is mounting evidence demonstrating the numerous benefits of ultrasound-guided brachytherapy in the published literature. This evidence supports its routine use to improve the safety and the effectiveness of cervical brachytherapy. In this report we will review various methods in which ultrasound imaging has been used during cervical brachytherapy. We also include a description of our own institutional approach to ultrasound-guided cervical implementation that has been in use for all cervical brachytherapy procedures over the past two decades.

  • brachytherapy
  • radiotherapy
  • image-guided

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