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EPV170a/#392 Evaluation of hysteroscopy practice in time of COVID 19 pandemic: a multicenter experience
  1. S Khedhri1,
  2. MA Ferjaoui2,
  3. R Arfaoui3,
  4. Y Berrazega4,
  5. MA Hannachi5,
  6. A Bellasoued1,
  7. M Malek1 and
  8. K Neji1
  1. 1Tunis Maternity Center, Department B of Gynecologic Surgery, Tunis, Tunisia
  2. 2Tunis maternity center, Department B of Gynecologic Surgery, Tunis, Tunisia
  3. 3Tunis military hospital, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Tunis, Tunisia
  4. 4University hospital Abderrahmen Mami Ariana, Medical Oncology, Tunis, Tunisia
  5. 5Maternity and neonatology center of Tunis, B, Ben Arous, Tunisia


Objectives The aims of our study were to assess different indications of office hysteroscopy and to evaluate the efficiency of this examination to diagnose uterine abnormalities in time of Covid 19 pandemic.

Methods This is a prospective and descriptive study from March 2020 to November 2020. 54 patients were enrolled in our study. They presented an abnormal uterine bleeding. The indication of hysteroscopy was discussed to know if deferring the procedure could have an impact on patient’s condition and outcome. If hysteroscopy was indicated, preference was given to in-office procedure. In case of failure, patients underwent a hysteroscopy in an operating theatre under general or regional anesthesia. All hysteroscopies were performed under specific safety protocol.

Results 54 patients were enrolled in our study. office hysteroscopy was performed in all cases. The indication was related to a recurrent abnormal uterine bleeding complicated with anemia or associated to a thick endmetrium in post menopausal women. In four cases, office hysteroscopy was performed in infertile women. The failure rate of in-office hysteroscopy was 7.4%. In 16 cases an operative hysteroscopy was performed in an operating room under anesthesia.Two cases of complex endometrial hyperplasia and one case of endometrial carcinoma were diagnosed. No cases of Covid 19 infection have been reported.

Conclusions office hysteroscopy is an efficient and safe examination to manage abnormal uterine bleeding in time of Covid 19 pandemic.

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