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EPV164/#428 Clinical significance of mr imaging in the judgment of lymph node metastasis in gynecological malignant tumors
  1. J Wang and
  2. Y Tang
  1. Chongqing University Cancer Hospital, The Gynecologic Oncology Center, Chongqing, China


Objectives The lymph node metastasis is closely related to tumor prognosis, and the formulation of postoperative treatment for gynecological malignant tumors.The purpose of this paper is to investigate the clinical value of magnetic resonance imaging in lymph node metastasis of gynecological malignant tumors.

Methods 208 patients undergoing pelvic lymph node and para-aortic lymph node dissection in the Department of Gynecology Chongqing University Cancer Hospital from January 2014 to June 2018 were analyzed retrospectively. SAS9.2 software was used for statistical analysis.

Results The pathological diagnosis in 208 patients showed that 63 patients has pelvic lymph node metastasis, Transfer rate is 30.29%.The sensitivity of MRI to pelvic lymph node transfer is 41.27%.Specificity is 92.41%, Positive forecast value is 70.27%.Negative forecast value is 78.36%.Two-related sample rate test (McNemar test), McNmar Statistics:14.08, P=0.0002, Kappa= 0.38,95% CI(0.24,0.52),The detection rates of the two detection methods differ significantly.37 patients with abdominal aortic lymph node metastasis, Transfer rate is 17.79%.Sensitivity is 29.73%. Specificity is 98.25%.Positive forecast value is 78.57%, Negative forecast value of 86.60%. Two - related sample rate test (McNemar test), McNmar Statistics,18.24,The P<0.0001,Kappa=0.37,95% CI(0.20,0.54),The detection rates differ between the two detection methods too.

Conclusions Magnetic resonance has low sensitivity to lymph node transfer determination, high specificity, high positive and negative prediction value, which can be used as a preoperative routine examination, but by magnetic resonance examination alone, to judge whether there is lymph node transfer that is prone to leakage diagnosis, more effective testing methods are needed to assist in the diagnosis.

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