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EPV162/#343 Educational value of using case-based, recorded, open-access videomicroscopy in gynecologic pathology
  1. L Hassell
  1. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Pathology, Oklahoma City, USA Minor Outlying Islands


Objectives The COVID-19 pandemic mandated shifting teaching methods to socially distanced modalities. We took the opportunity to create enduring video-microscopy materials of several types using digital slides and offer them via social media to our trainees. Most of the videos also provided links to digital slides for follow-up self-study. After 13 months of providing content, we assess the reach of the effort, and collate responses.

Methods Whole slide images from personal, institutional and public libraries on PathPresenter were used to prepare video presentations, augmented by presentation slides uploaded into the presentation module of the Digital Anatomic Pathology Academy. Video recordings of the presentation were then uploaded to YouTube and the links shared via social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) and email notice to trainees. YouTube channel analytics provided total views, geographic reach of audience and retention times for each video, as well as comments and reactions. Facebook audience reach was also available for videos posted to groups.

Results A total of 89 gynecologic pathology videos were produced and posted, generating a total of 16,718 views, 180 comments, 792 likes and an unknown number of shares. Average audience reach of Facebook-posted videos was 1,500 using a single niche site directed at developing world pathologists. Survey data from group users indicated that most had directly viewed the digital slides.

Conclusions Teaching videos are eagerly received by trainees and practitioners, offer access to unique and common cases, and assist pathology and non-pathology trainees. Patients also gain from the content. Linkage with digital slides is a valued enhancement.

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