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EPV109/#274 Analysis of the frequency of endometrial cancer stage I
  1. O Movchan,
  2. V Svintsitskiy and
  3. O Renkas
  1. National Cancer Institute, Oncogynecology, Kiyv, Ukraine


Objectives In 2020, according to the National Cancer Registry, endometrial cancer in the structure of cancer took second place (10.9%) after breast cancer. Although the detection and treatment of the disease in the early stages has good prospects, but there are relapses from 2% to 26%, according to various literature.

Methods The analysis of recurrence rate among 968 patients with endometrial cancer and stages of endometrioid type. Recurrences amounted to 68 cases (7.02%). The staging took place according to the 1988 FIGO classification. The following statistical methods were used: standard descriptive, parametric and nonparametric. Differences at p <0.05 were considered significant.

Results The analysis was performed depending on the characteristics of the tumor process and the type of treatment, the recurrence rate was estimated - see table 1. The average age of patients ranged from 25 to 85 years. The recurrence time was detected, on average, after 36 months ± 15.97 months. In combination treatment, receiving adjuvant radiation therapy, recurrences were most often detected - after 6–18 months ± 13.53 months. Long-term recurrences were detected after a combination of surgical treatment with chemotherapy at 32–64 months ± 14.31 months. Table 1 Comparison of recurrence rates depending on the characteristics of the tumor process and the type of treatment

Abstract EPV109/#274 Table 1

Conclusions Our study demonstrates that the frequency of their occurrence is approximately the same, regardless of the method of treatment used. However, with relapses, life expectancy is significantly reduced.

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