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EPV098/#177 Prospects for improving the methods of complex treatment of patients with endometrial cancer stage I
  1. O Movchan,
  2. V Svintsitskiy and
  3. O Renkas
  1. National Cancer Institute, Oncogynecology, Kiyv, Ukraine


Objectives The analysis was performed in 968 women with endometrioid stage I endometrial cancer who underwent hysterectomy without/with adjuvant therapy (radiation or chemotherapy) in the Oncologynecology Research Department of the National Cancer Institute from 2015 to 2020. Although three-quarters received adjuvant treatment, recurrences occurred on average during the first three years.

Methods To evaluate the survival of patients with endometrioid stage I endometrial cancer depending on the type of treatment or their combination. The following statistical methods were used: standard descriptive and parametric. Survival of patients was analyzed by Kaplan-Meyer method. P values of < 0.05 were considered significant.

Results Overall recurrence-free survival was 92.58 ± 7.38% with a median non-recurrence survival of 34.3±14.7 months. A total of 68 relapses were detected - 7.02%. The median time from hysterectomy to the first recurrence, local and regional, was 6–18 months, respectively, and 24–36 months after combination treatment. The best survival was in the group of patients who received both surgical and chemotherapeutic treatment - averages of 59.5 months, and the worst after surgery - an average of 26.8 months (X 2 = 1,031417, p = 0, 59708) (See figure 1).

Abstract EPV098/#177 Figure 1

Comparison of survival depending on the method of treatment in different groups of patients

Conclusions Hysterectomy shows the most common recurrences of loco-regional, and the combination of surgical treatment with radiation therapy - increases the frequency of distant metastases. Surgical treatment with radiation or chemotherapy leads to improve recurrence-free survival.

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