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EPV064/#359 Radical robotic hysterectomy – experience of 103 cases at the national cancer institute, Rio de Janeiro, brazil
  1. G Guitmann1,
  2. B Silvestre1,
  3. I Small2 and
  4. AC de Melo2
  1. 1Brazilian National Cancer Institute, Division of Oncogynecology, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  2. 2Brazilian National Cancer Institute, Division of Clinical Research, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Objectives To evaluate the morbidity, mortality, recurrence and survival of patients diagnosed with cervical cancer undergoing treatment by robotic surgery at the Brazilian National Cancer Institute

Methods Patients diagnosed with adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma staging IA1 through Ib1 treated surgically via DA vinci Si were included. Hazard Hatios (HR) through Cox’s semiparametric model and the analyzes carried out in the environment R ver 4.0.3; considered significant p <0.05.

Results 103 medical records of patients diagnosed with cervical cancer treated by robotic route in the period from 2012 to 2018 were analyzed; 03 patients were excluded due to histopathology being neuroendocrine and in-situ. The most commonly performed radical hysterectomy: Type C1 (n = 46). 76 patients with the histological type of squamous carcinoma. 64 patients had a tumor less than or equal to 2 cm. 13 patients had recurrence of the disease. 9 patients died. Patients with tumors smaller than 2 cm had a 96% disease-free survival. In the multivariate analysis, tumor size greater than 2 cm was a factor of worse prognosis with HR 16.79 (3.35–84.26, p = 0.001).

Conclusions In the retrospective analysis of patients diagnosed with adenocarcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix undergoing robotic surgical treatment, it was observed through multivariate analysis that the tumor size> 2 cm behaved with an isolated factor with a worse prognosis.

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