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EPV032/#579 4 BI-RADS microcalcifications of the breast: how does radiologic classification correlate with histology?
  1. M Bouhani,
  2. S Sakhri,
  3. F Abidi,
  4. S Kammoun,
  5. O Jaidane,
  6. R Chargui and
  7. K Rahal
  1. Salah Azaiez Institute of Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Tunis, Tunisia


Objectives To evaluate the correlation between with mammographically detected 4 BI-RAD microcalcifications and histopathological findings in patientsto allow a better surgical planning.

Methods Eighteen patients who had a 4 BI-RADS micocalcifications on mammography were admitted to our hospital were analyzed retrospectively.

Results Our study included nine patients; all patients were women, Breastfeeding was noted in eleven patients. Physical examination was negative in all patients.The mammography showed microcalcification in 17cases, mass and microcalcifications in one case, it was localized on the upper outer quadrant of the breast in the majority of cases (12 cases). It had regional distribution in 10 cases, multiple in 4 cases, linear in the lumen (2 cases) and polymorphous microcalcifications in 13 cases. It was classified on BI-RADS 4 A (5 cases), BI-RADS 4B (9 cases) and BI-RADS 4C in 4 cases. One patient underwent a core needle biopsy, two patients had a macrobiopsy (VAB System) and 17 patients underwent a surgical excision in all cases. The histological examination revealed a ductal carcinoma in situ (2 cases), invasive ductal carcinoma with ductal carcinoma in situ (1case) and and benign lesions in 15 cases. Our study did not found a correlation between BI-RADs classification and histological finding because of the shortage of the study.

Conclusions Microcalcifications are actually indirect signs of pathological processes, some of which may only be correctly identified according to their morphology. This is true for the microcalcifications classified as typically benign in the 4th edition of the BI-RADS system.

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