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EPV022/#433 Breast cancer screening and the dynamics of age-related incidence and early breast cancer in Kazakhstan
  1. D Kaidarova1,
  2. A Zhylkaidarova2 and
  3. M Saktaganov3
  1. 1Kazakh Institute of Oncology and Radiology, Head of Kazior, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  2. 2Kazakh Institute of Oncology and Radiology, Department of Monitoring and Evaluation of Cancer Care and Screening, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  3. 3Kazakhstan School of Public Health, Public Health, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Objectives Purpose of the research is to assess some screening indicators and its impact to the epidemiological picture of BC in Kazakhstan.

Methods This study is retrospective. Traditional methods of statistical processing of the material were used. 60,480 BC cases were registered in 2004–2019. In BC screening 4,149,166 women aged 50–60 years were examined in 2008–2017 and 1,624,667 women 40–70 years in 2018–2019. 9,340 BC cases were identified. To assess the impact of screening, the epidemiological indicators were studied before screening (2004–2008, period A) and after implementation (2009–2019, period B).

Results The BC incidence since period A increased from 37.6 per 100000 in 2004–2008 to 51.6 in 2019. In period A the largest number of BC cases was recorded at the age of 45–54 years, the second peak was noted at the age of 65–69 years. In period B the peak of cases was noted in group of 50–59 years. The increase of new cases in the 50–54 age was 30%, in the 55–59 age 62.5%, in the 60–64 age - 118%! After screening introduction a significant increase of BC was noted in age groups over 50. Thus, the increase in the group of 50–54 year was 11%, in the group of 55–59 - 20.3%, in the group of 60–64 year - 28.2%, in the 65–69 - 35.9%. There is an increase of localized forms (stages I-II) from 69.8% to 86.9%, a decrease of advanced BC in period B.

Conclusions The results of the study showed the effectiveness of BC screening in Kazakhstan.

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