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SF020/#652 Use of a vaginally adapted gamma probe in the videolaparoscopic sentinel lymph node research
  1. A Munhóz1,
  2. B Ribeiro2,
  3. A Tsunoda3 and
  4. L Pedrini2
  1. 1Hospital Erasto Gaertner, Ginecologic Oncology, Curitiba, Brazil
  2. 2Hospital Erasto Gaertner, Surgical Oncology Resident, Curitiba, Brazil
  3. 3Hospital Erasto Gaertner, Surgical Oncology, Curitiba, Brazil


Introduction The use of videolaparoscopy in the management of gynecological cancer has gained ground due to the possibility of offering quality treatment with benefits in relation to pain and postoperative recovery, mainly. Despite making it possible to conduct sentinel lymph node research, there is still a limitation regarding the use of the laparoscopic gamma probe, due to the high cost and low frequency of use in institutions that normally have the conventional gamma probe used in open surgery. The purpose of this video is to show the possibility of using the conventional gamma-probe vaginally in laparoscopic surgeries.

Description The video shows the challenge that the surgeon often faces when searching for sentinel lymph nodes using patent blue, when the lymphatic pathways and the sentinel are not stained on either or both sides. In this situation, the use of the Technetium-99m injection in the cervix and lymph node research using a gamma-probe protected by a sterile glove introduced vaginally may be an alternative, contributing to the sentinel meeting.

Conclusion The use of the adapted gamma-probe used vaginally can contribute to the investigation of the sentinel lymph node by a minimally invasive route when a laparoscopic probe is not available, especially in cases of early endometrial cancer, in which only the sentinel lymph node biopsy is sufficient for staging, and can be useful to find lymph nodes and avoid systematic lymphadenectomy and its consequences.

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