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SF007/#206 A systematic approach for achieving optimal cytoreduction of locally advanced endometrial cancer by a robotic approach
  1. G Feuer1,
  2. I Mousavi2 and
  3. N Lakhi2
  1. 1Atlanta Gynecologic Oncology, Northside Hospital, Atlanta, USA
  2. 2New York Medical College, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Staten Island, USA


Introduction This video demonstrates surgical techniques that can be utilized to optimally cytoreduced locally advanced endometrial cancer via a robotic approach.

Description The patient had biopsy proven endometrial adenocarcinoma. Pre-operative CT scan indicated omental caking with involvement of the pelvic peritoneum and uterosacral ligaments. The patient had diagnostic laparoscopy which showed disease limited to the pelvis. Robotic surgical techniques demonstrated include 1) upfront vascular control of pedicles, 2) lateral mobilization of ureters for management of uterosacral disease, 3) peritonectomy for excision of peritoneal lesions, and 4) infracollic omentectomy.

Conclusions/Implication The patient was debulked to zero residual disease. She was discharged the following day ad had no post-operative complications. A robotic approach for staging and complete cytoreduction of locally advanced endometrial cancer is feasible with good postoperative and oncological outcome. This vidoe presents a step by step aproach for handeling these challenging cases.

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