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SF002/#332 Sentinel lymph node mapping for cervical cancer: a practical illustration of using icg during a laparotomy
  1. M Burling1,
  2. D Krishnan2,
  3. L Foster1,
  4. A Brand1 and
  5. U Herbst2
  1. 1Westmead Hospital, Gynaecological Oncology, Westmead, Australia
  2. 2Westmead Hospital, Gynaeoncology, Westmead, Australia


We have created a surgical video to demonstrate the sentinel lymph node mapping in cervical cancer during a laprotomy. Sentinel lymph node (SLN) mapping is an emerging technique to be used in the surgical management of women with cervical cancer. Multiple studies including SENTICOL 2 has shows the accuracy of using SLN biopsy in cervical cancer treatment [1]. This approach has mainly been used with minimally invasive surgery. However, since the publication of the LACC trial in 2018, there has been a evidence based shift to open radical hysterectomy for early stage cervical cancer [2]. We aim to display how to perform SLN biopsy with indocyanine green (ICG) dye, using a laparoscopic camera even in open surgery. The video footahe were gleaned from an unedited surgical film recorded at our institute. We conclude that SLN mapping and biopsy with ICG during a laparotomy is feasible and achievable.

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