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EPV194/#350 A five years retrospective review study of non -epithelial ovarian cancers in a therithery hospital in Ethiopia sub-sharan country
  1. B Batu
  1. Saint Paul’s hospital Millennium Medical college, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Objectives The objective of this study is to describe the incidence, clinical presentation and histology subtypes and therapeutic interventions offered for NEOC.

Methods Institution based retrospective chart and pathology report review from; Aug 1 2015- Aug 1 2020. This study was conducted in Saint Paul’s Hospital millennium medical college. We reviewed a total of 1357 ovarian pathology reports from the ovary in the five years period and 264 cases of which were non-epithelial ovarian tumors and of these 80 of the cases were malignant non-epithelial ovarian cancer whose pathology was retrieved and phone was accessible for interview. A pre-prepared structured questioner was filled by the principal investigator. The data was analyzed using IBM SPSS statistics version 20 and presented using figures and tables.

Results The contribution of malignant non-epithelial ovarian cancer is 17.3% of all the ovarian cancers. The mean age for malignant Germ cell tumors is 28.3yrs with the range 1.75yrs to 61 yrs The mean age for sex cord stromal tumors is 44.5yrs with a range of 22yrs to 67 yrs the commonest being hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophrectomy with omental sampling being the commonest procedure done .accounting over 40% of the cases. of those traced 7 of them are died.

Conclusions This study showed prevalence of NEOC was higher than other studies, the commonest histology type of malignant germ cell tumors was yolk sac tumors. Half of the malignant germ cell tumors have no complete intra peritoneal surgical staging.

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