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EPV191/#327 Drug screening of patient-derived organoids from ovarian cancer culture to personalized therapy, an exploratory research
  1. H Wang,
  2. M He,
  3. L Zhong and
  4. D Zou
  1. Chongqing University Cancer Hospital, The Gynecologic Oncology Center, Chongqing, China


Objectives Organoids are a 3D culture model that can provide the precise genetic information and phenotype, as well as the heterogeneity of the tumor, thus provide powerful tools to model human diseases. The study (CQGOG0201) is an exploratory research to access whether organoids could guide precision treatment for OC patients.

Methods The CQGOG0201 study is a single-center, prospective, observational clinical trial. The trial design is shown in figure 1. The inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria are shown in table 1. Primary endpoint is the similarity between organoids and their corresponding tumor tissue. Secondary endpoint is the reliability of organoids obtained from IDS cases as a model for the patient‘s response to platinum-based adjuvant chemotherapy.

Results We completed the collection of tumor tissues from 30 different patients, including 22 HGCS patients, 3 LGCS patients, 2MC, 1 EC patients, 2 CC patients, and established 9 organoid lines, derived from 15 different patients with primary tumor tissues. Organoids were derived with a success rate of 60%, in particular from the HGSC, LGSC and MC (figure 2). OC organoids recapitulate histological features of the tumor tissues from which they were derived. In drug-screening assays, 2 organoids that were derived from HGSC patients with known clinical histories recapitulate patients’ response to platinum-based adjuvant chemotherapy.

Abstract EPV191/#327 Figure 1

Study design

Abstract EPV191/#327 Figure 2

Respective images of H&E and IHC of PAX8, CK7 and TP53 from OC organoids

Abstract EPV191/#327 Figure 3

Drug sensitivivty test for platinum-based chemotheraphy

Abstract EPV191/#327 Table 1

Brief Inclusion and exclusion criteria

Conclusions Organoids have great potential application for research and personalized medicine. Clinical trial information: NCT04768270.

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