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183 Sentinel node, in endometrial cancer. Our results
  1. F Fargas Fabregas and
  2. R Fábregas
  1. Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain


Introduction/Background* the goal is the detection of the sentinel node in initial endometrial cancer, in our center; and compare the different techniques (blue, technetium and indocianin green)

Methodology All patients diagnosed with an early stage of endometrial cancer, who are performed sentinel node technique

The objective is to assess the detection capability of the sentinel node based on the tracer used, and the validity of this technique in low-risk tumors, in our center

Result(s)* we have recruited a total of 119 patients. Sentinel node detection results vary depending on the plotter used. the best results were those of the combination of blue with indocian green (91%), as already described in the literature.

The number of positive nodes in this subgroup of patients (low risk) was very low.

Conclusion*Indocianin green is the best tracer, for sentinel node detection.

Although the number of positive nodes, in these patients, is very low, the low morbidity that presents the tecnique, we would not recommend the NO relaization of this technique, because we can perform a more specific analysis of these nodes.

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