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820 Laterally extended pelvic resection with complete resection of ureter and nephrectomy
  1. M Zikan,
  2. O Dubova,
  3. P Koliba,
  4. V Student,
  5. T Brtnicky and
  6. P Kabele
  1. Charles University – First Faculty of Medicine and Bulovka University Hospital, Dept. of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Praha 8, Czech Republic


Introduction/Background*Laterally extended endopelvic resection became a standard surgical approach for pelvic tumors, recurrences specifically, localized laterally in the pelvis. This technique represents other possibility, besides pelvic exenteration for tumors located laterally.

Methodology Video presentation of laterally extened endopelvic resection in patient with cervical cancer recurrence after radiotherapy localized laterally in the left obturator fossa and residual parametria and paracolpium with complete obstruction of ureter and afunctional left kidney.

Result(s)*Recurrent tumor was removed in toto with resection of internal iliac vessel, residual parametria and paracolpium and complet resestion of infiltrated ureter.

Conclusion*Technique of laterally extended endopelvic resection allows – due to precise knowledge of pelvic structures and their topography – for safe removal of even laterally located tumor deep in the pelvis/pevic floor.

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