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640 Raising adequate vaginal margins during colpotomy for cervical cancer
  1. T Shylasree,
  2. B Dash and
  3. P Poddar
  1. Tata Memorial Hospital, Gynecological Oncology, Mumbai, India


Introduction/Background*Adequate surgical vaginal margins are pre-requisite for improving oncological outcomes in cervical cancer and precancer. Raising the margins through vaginal route helps in visualizing and measuring the vaginal and is more accurate than performing colpotomy from a open abdominal/Minimal access route.

Methodology Following completion of ligation of uterine vessels with or without adequate parametrium depending on the indication for radicality (abdominal/minimal access route,/schuatas vaginal hysterectomy), surgeon moves to the bottom end of the patient. Cervix is visualised and held with volsellum. Circumferential vaginal margin which needs to be removed is marked with cautery. Vaginal mucosa is infiltrated with saline with or without adrenaline. With the help of electrical diathermy vaginal margins are raised all around and separated from underlying cervix. Care should be taken not to be too close to bladder or rectum during dissection. Bladder and pouch of doughlas peritoneum is incised and uterus/cervix delivered depending on the procedure (trachelectomy/radical hysterectomy)

Result(s)*Vaginal is closed with absorbable sutures and specimen sent for final histopathology

Conclusion*Adequate Vaginal margin is a major prognostic factor in cervical cancer. Inadequate or positive margin is associated with recurrence and poor oncological outcomes, hence adjuvant postoperative radiation is indicated in such scenario. Direct visualization and measurement of vaginal to be removed and performing vaginal colpotomy ensures adequate vaginal margin and also prevents the disease being exposed to peritoneal cavity especially in minimal access surgery.

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