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553 OVA-LEAK: Prognostic score for colo-rectal anastomotic leakage in patients undergoing ovariancancer surgery
  1. V Lago1,
  2. B Segarra Vidal1,
  3. P Padilla Iserte1,
  4. A Gil-Moreno2,
  5. P Cascales3,
  6. MT Luis Javier1,
  7. JL Sánchez Iglesias2,
  8. M Gurrea1 and
  9. S Domingo1
  1. 1University hospital La Fe
  2. 2University Hospital Val d´Hebron
  3. 3Clinic and University Hospital la Arrixaca


Introduction/Background*In advanced ovarian cancer surgery, there is rather limited published evidence, drawn from a small sample, providing information about risk factors for anastomotic leak.

Methodology In our previous work, Twelve pre-/intraoperative variables were analysed as potential independent risk factors for anastomotic leak. A predictive model was created to stablish the risk of anastomotic leak for a given patient.

Result(s)*The validation of our proposed predictive model will emerge from the collaborative research performed by 12 centers: 6 from Spain, 2 from United Kingdom, 1 from Italy, 1 from France and 2 from Germany.

Conclusion*Due to the low incidence of AL in ovarian cancer patients, a restrictive stoma policy based on the presence of risk factors should be the actual recommendation. The AL risk for each patient can be predicted by our multivariate model.

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