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352 Adenocarcinoma of glandule bartholin follow up for fifteen years: a case report
  1. V Krsic1,
  2. J Krsic2,
  3. B Jocic Pivac1 and
  4. J Milojevic3
  1. 1GAK Narodni Front, Belgrade, Serbia
  2. 2Military Academy of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia
  3. 3General Hospital Lazarevac, Obgyn, Belgrade, Serbia


Introduction/Background*Adenocarcinoma gland Bartholin’s is a very rare tumor and there is no agreement of optimal treatment for this type of carcinoma.

It accounting 2-7% of all cancers of the vulva and less than 1% of all female genital malignancies. Basic features are expanding locally, slow grow, and gives unexpected distant metastasis.

Methodology We will show our case and how we treated women with adenocarcinoma glandule Bartholin for fifteen years. 60-year old woman was admitted in our hospital because of tumor mass region glandule Bartolini on the left side and woman complained of the elevated tumor marker carcinoembryonic antigen, CEA (16, 2) detected random.

Result(s)*We did local wide removal of the tumor. Hystopathology confirmed that this is a Bartolini’s gland adenocarcinoma. The tumor was removed in its entirety with healty edge. CT, MRI of the pelvis were normal and CEA dropped in 1,6. After seven years of primary treatment she had tumor mass on the same place and elevated tumor marker CEA again.

We did hemivulvectomy with lymph node disection on the left side and radiotherapy with TD 50 Gy on the left part of vulva and in 25 session and TD 45 GY in 22 session on regio ingvini. After surgery tumor marker dropped in normal range.

After fifteen years of primary tretment patient had lung metastasis and brain metastasis and she lived for three months

Conclusion*This case which we follwed for fifteen years give us many questions: was the first treatment with local wide excision optimal option, what was the best way to treat this patient and how to predict the way of spread of this malignancies and can we prevent metastasis ?

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